Back-to-School Resources

News 12 is providing parents and students with resources that will help them have a successful 2022-23 academic year.


If you are looking to skip the back-to-school butterflies, here’s how you and your child can get ready for the day and make the transition easier. 

There are many steps you can take to help your child get the school year off to a healthy start! Looking for ways to find a doctor, or immunization requirements for your state? Here’s your back-to-school health list.

Common colds, strep throat, flu and allergies all share many symptoms of COVID-19. Click here for a chart from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that compares the symptoms of COVID-19 and some common illnesses.

Can your elementary school-aged kid open these 5 items? What to pack, and NOT to pack for their lunch.


Students are back on the road taking the bus, walking or bicycling to school! It’s important for parents to teach them about bus, pedestrian and bicycle safety.

The guides below can help keep them safe:

School buses and students are back on the road! These tips for drivers help protect children.

Is your child taking the school bus? Here are tips to keep them safe.

Here are eight tips for children walking or bicycling to school.


Chances are students are getting ready to go back to school with one or more devices tagging along. 

Most students are now equipped with a laptop, tablet or smartphone, so it’s a good idea to get them, and their tech ready for any possible hack. Below are some tech safety tips that will help get them ready:

Get your kids tech ready for school with these seven tips.

Things you can do right now to protect your smart home devices from hackers.

Do you constantly reuse the same username and password? Six steps to help safeguard your online accounts.

Identity theft can happen to anyone. Reduce your risk with these four tips.


The guides below will help you get the best supplies your children need for a successful school year!

Must-have supplies for back to school 2022-23.

Tips to help you purchase the best back-to-school computer.

Tips for buying school uniforms and where to find deals.

When shopping - parents and students should keep some tips in mind to help them avoid overspending and make smarter financial decisions. Below are some guides and information:

Tips for smart back-to-school shopping from NYC's Department of Consumer and Worker Protection.

Tips for college students: What you should know to use credit cards more responsibly.

Tips to spot fake shopping sites and avoid being scammed.


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