Kane In Your Corner Secure File Drop

This secure drop sends files directly to Kane In Your Corner. All files are encrypted and only the KIYC team will have access to them.

Can I send something anonymously?

Sure. The simplest way is to just ask us not to reveal your identity. If we agree, then send us the stuff. This is how 99% of our confidential sources operate. We’ve never revealed the name of a confidential source. If you want to send us something that is anonymous, even to us, you can use VPN to hide your IP address, and enter a burner email address. Bear in mind that if we can’t get back to you with questions, it could impact whether we can do a story.


Will I hear back from you?

Unfortunately, we get so many tips that we can’t always give everyone a personal response. If we are interested in the story or need more info, we’ll contact you.