The News 12 Storm Watch Team examines multiple angles and impacts of climate change on you and your community.

The complete 'Saving our Shores' special. 

Addison Green shows you the nuts and bolts of erosion and how it impacts our shorelines. 

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Salt water can be deadly for plants. Alex Calamia shows you how to protect your garden with these tips.

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Rising sea levels aren't just a concern along the coastline - cities further inland are having to prepare for the threat of increased flooding. Dave Curren shows you how one city has been planning ahead. 

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Rising waters and climate change could be contributing to increased rip currents on our shores. Sam Augeri shows you what to look out for.

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Meredith Garofalo shows you how shifting coastlines and climate change are rapidly deteriorating historic shipwrecks. 

Meredith Garofalo behind the scenes working on the story.

News 12 Photojournalist Brian Endres works on the story. 

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A post shared by Meredith Garofalo (@garofalowx)

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A post shared by Meredith Garofalo (@garofalowx)

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The threat of flooding is becoming much greater than government estimates. Steve Teeling shows you why flood maps are out of date. 

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INTERACTIVE FLOOD MAPS: Use the slider tool to compare FEMA 2020 information (left) vs. information from First Street Foundation (right) in the same area.

Bridgeport, Connecticut:

Great Neck, NY (Long Island)

Monroe, NJ:

Wondering about sharks while at the beach? Check the OCEARCH app.

Nice weather calls campers to the great outdoors. Darryl Green shows how to prepare and be ready for unexpected weather.

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Replenishment projects offer a measure of protection as the sea pounds away at our precious shorelines. Mike Rizzo shows you what is being done in an attempt to contain the sea. 

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Climate change is causing tides to rise at an alarming rate. Michele Powers shows you the troubling local impact. 

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Stormwater from rainstorms can often lead to unsanitary conditions at local beaches. Matt Hammer shows you why this happens. 

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Who monitors ocean water conditions?

Nassau County Health Department (Long Island)

Suffolk County Health Department (Long Island)

New Jersey Department of Health

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection 

New York State Parks

New York City Department of Environmental Protection 

Justin Godynick shows you how rising seas could leave areas you know and love under water in the future. 

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Could rising water temps be contributing to southern fish entering our local waters? Rich Von Ohlen examines the strange catches nabbed by local anglers. 

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Warmer water means an increased chance for stronger storms. Rich Hoffman shows you the potential for damage.

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Summer means lots of outdoor sports for people of all ages.  However, Allan Nosoff shows you how climate change can increase the risk of health hazards for outdoor activities. 

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Rising temperatures are leading to potentially dangerous heat in the summer.  Hope Osemwenkhae has tips on how to stay cool and safe.

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Jonathan Cubit shows you how elementary school students are learning about the impact the environment can have on our shores. 

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James Gregorio shows you how shifting sands could pose hazards on the shore. 

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Project Credits:

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